Daddy-Daughter Date

Daddy-Daughter Date

Last week I took Joy to a daddy-daughter dance, she was excited to say the least! While I was at work, she spent the afternoon with mom getting her hair all done up and talking to mom about her “special date.” We didn’t tell her beforehand that I was going to take her on a date, just that she was going to spend time with mom getting all dolled up. So after work I snuck into my bedroom, closed the door and got changed for our date.

Despite the fact that my daughter is only 5 years old, I wanted to let her know up front how she should be treated as a young lady- for when she begins to really date….at the age of 28. The first thing I told her is that if a man wants to win her heart, he better have flowers, it shows that he is thinking more of you than himself.  So I got her flowers.

The second thing I told her is that you should get a picture to remember the special occasion. So, we headed down to the beach and took a picture together. Next was to the restaurant for dinner. We live in a small area without many options but we have one place that is kind of semi nice and fancy, so that’s where we went. I got broiled whitefish and she got a grilled cheese (kids!) in case anyone really wants to know. Then, we got dessert. The whole time we were doing these things, everywhere we went I would open/close her door, help her buckle in, hold her hand when we walked, etc. I really wanted her to know how much I loved her- she’s my only daughter!

Finally we went to the daddy-daughter dance- the highlight of the night. She tired out way more quickly than I thought she would, but we did get to dance. We danced, laughed, hugged, and were even a little goofy together.

Colossians 3:21 tells fathers to not embitter their children or they will become discouraged. So if we’re not to embitter them, we should do the exact opposite: to aid, calm, comfort, love, soothe, help, etc. A week later and my daughter still is talking about the dance and the flowers she got. She asks me if I remember that one time we went to dinner all dressed up. It wasn’t just about the fact that I took her out to dinner and a dance, it was that I took time to be with her. Not just physically, but emotionally as well.

How many dads do we know that are there physically but not in any other way shape or form? When we were at dinner, I put my phone away and we engaged in conversation. When we were at the dance, I didn’t just sit at the table like many dads did and just be physically in the room with Joy, I danced with her. In this technological age it’s easy sometimes to get wrapped up. For the sake of our future though I encourage you, spend time with your kids. Wrestle them, talk with them, take them out to dinner and a dance. While this was a daddy-daughter date, it’s important to raise up your sons as Godly men also. Spend time with your sons talking, encouraging, and raising them up to be warriors. This weekend for me, that means mini golf with James!

Be blessed. Be a blessing.


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