Throw YOUR pacifier away (it won’t be as hard as you think it is).

Yesterday I took away my infant’s pacifier – cold turkey.

I had to.  The pacifier was causing him to have feeding issues and was rubbing on his skin creating infection.

I felt pretty bad taking away his soother, the thing he used pretty much all day long to help comfort him from his eczema itchiness.  It was his crutch.

My boy didn’t seem to miss the pacifier at all!  Except for a bit of crying at night, he was a happy guy these past couple days…..and he is eating better.

Do you have anything that you use in your life as a pacifier?  A crutch?

You need to be fed, spiritually.

Is anything causing you to have feeding problems, where you don’t get the good milk of God because you are relying on an alternative?  Do you go to this to soothe your soul of problems you face in life?

Throw your pacifier away and rely on God.  It won’t be as hard as you think it is.  Dig into the Word.

Get rid of those things that might be causing infection in your life. I know I need to!

Blessings, Erin

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