Open the Door

Isaiah 41:10 “I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.”

Yesterday my friend Christy blessed us with her presence at our home. She brought over a toy contraption to entertain our usually miserable infant.  She also brought over humbling help for us with our chores.

As Christy sat folding our enormous mound of laundry, I moved the kids’ kitchen set for them to play with.  Some of the tea plates fell out, breaking with a loud crash.

Christy came running to help when she heard the crash. Without thinking because I am so used to taking care of cleaning up stuff myself, I said, “Oh I will just shut the door to this room so the kids don’t get into it and clean it all up later.”

Christy offered to clean it up but I still insisted I would just do it later, to shut the door.

Her response stopped me in my trAcks.  She said, “Erin just let me clean it.  That’s what I am here for- to help you.” Humbly I let her clean it up.

That made me think.  What stuff is broken in our lives that we just close the door on to hide, intending to clean it up later?  When Jesus is standing right there saying, “Let me help you. That’s what I am here for.”

Why do we not just turn over our messes to Jesus to clean up and take care of? He is standing there with the broom and dust pan…we just have to open the door.

Blessings, Erin


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