Living Water

Spring is here and that means gardens are being planted left and right. Here in the U.P., it doesn’t really get warm enough to start your garden as it does in other parts of the country, so people begin to plant indoors, hoping to get a jump on the short growing season. We go to my mom’s for tacos and she’s got her little mini greenhouse thing, sitting by the door soaking up as much sunlight as it can. At our house, we cleared out a spot by our sliding glass door so our plants can take in some sun when possible.

Matthew 13 talks about different types of soil and how plants need good soil to grow. If they’re not planted in the proper areas, they can choke and die, or dry up and die. They need proper soil. Seems easy enough right? But they also need water. Lots of water. Keep this in the back of your mind for a moment.

I was scrolling through facebook recently and noticed one of my old youth group members who was struggling in life. I haven’t been a part of that youth group for a few years now, but I still like to know those kids are doing ok. She wasn’t. She may think she is and claim everything is ok, but you can tell based off her posts that she is living far from a Godly life.

The last time I really saw this person was at summer camp. She came up to me after the first night, gave me a huge hug. She had just come from the altar and gave her life to Christ, then came to hug me for thanking me for not giving up on her. She actually apologized to me for being so difficult to me. I’ll never forget that hug, it was powerful. She then went straight to borrow someone’s bible, because she didn’t own one, and began reading it. I believe she read for 2 hours straight before camp lights went out and everyone was confined to their rooms.

Fast forward five years now and she’s just not doing well. Like I said, definitely not living a Godly life. It got me thinking though. We covered her with good soil, kicked away bad soil, and she was doing so well, what happened? Well, just like a plant needs to have the proper soil, it needs to have an abundance of water as well. She had that water for a little while. To be honest, she also stopped receiving the water but that’s another blog for another time.


John 8:38 says that we have rivers of living water that flow from within us. If that water is flowing from within, wouldn’t it be suffice to say that seeds are getting watered also? She stopped coming to youth group, completely changed her friends, her family pretty much hated God anyway so she was just filling herself with pollution, but not with living water.

Are you allowing your living water to flow? I guarantee there’s someone you will come in contact with today that will need a nice refreshing splash of living water. They may already have some, they may not, but you can never have enough. If it’s truly flowing from within us, there should be enough to share. It’s like a big water balloon fight, it doesn’t really matter if you start with 4 or 14, you’re going to hit someone and you’re going to get hit, and it’s always refreshing on a hot day! Allow your water to flow. Without water, our seeds don’t even stand a chance, but with our help there’s always an eternal hope.


Be Blessed. Be a Blessing


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