Letting Them Die: Parents Refuse Medical Help For Children In the Name of Christ

Recently one of my facebook family members posted the article: Letting Them Die: Parents Refuse Medical Help For Children in the Name of Christ .  This article, from Richard Dawkin’s website, is about how a girl has many illnesses because her parents decided to not take her to the doctors when she was an infant.  The doctors could have fixed the main issue, but the parents tried to rely only on God to heal her – thus refusing to go to the doctors.

Richard Dawkins is the author of the book, God Delusion, that I have read out of request of a family member.  Richard Dawkins is an atheist.

I am a Christian…

…a Christian who has faced several health battles and who has children who are very ill.

Do I pray that God will heal them?  All the time.

Do I seek out alternative, holistic, homeopathic remedies before making doctors appointments?  All the time.

Have I prayed that God would just plain out heal huge things like we read about in the Bible?  I would like to say all the time, but realty says I don’t pray this as much as I should.

Have I have one son have a tremendous healing?  Absolutely.  Read about it HERE.

BUT. (and there’s always a butt)

Do I believe God created the medical field and put special people in it?  ABSOLUTELY

…and I believe He speaks to these people and helps them to discern things that are wrong and the help people need.

…just as when God used my dad to discern my gallbladder was infected…and when my appendix was infected.

And I believe God heals through homeopathic remedies as well as modern medicine.

God still performs miracles today.  Sometimes He uses other people as instruments for the miracles as seen with medical personnel.  But He is still behind the healings, guiding and helping those to discern.

We must pray and ask God to guide us and He chooses the how and the when for our lives.

Blessings, Erin


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