I made a fire!

If you know me, you know that I love sitting by a fire. There’s something about sitting by the fire, listening to worship music and just being in God’s presence that is overly comforting. While making a fire isn’t ordinarily a huge accomplishment, I felt it was today.

I had hernia surgery a few days ago and while in surgery, they found my small intestines were also, in the words of the doctor, ‘all out of whack” so they fixed them too. What was a minor procedure became very painful. I never knew small intestines could hurt so much. When I got home from surgery, my wife, who just had her appendix removed a couple weeks ago, gave me one piece of wisdom: just wait until that first poop.

I’ve been in a lot of pain needless to say the last couple of days, way more than I thought I’d be. So I’ve been sitting, resting, and trying to recover. Today, in making a fire, marked the first thing I’ve really done outside of being in bed in almost a week. I had to haul in small pieces of wood because that’s all I could lift, one at a time. We were out of kindling so I had to improvise and use quite a bit of paper to get it going. About half way through getting the fire really going, I started feeling really sore, like I couldn’t sit down there anymore. The problem was I knew getting up would also be painful so I kept going with the fire.

While sitting down there, it made me think about how we can tend to take things for granted. I also remember thinking this when I broke my foot. Something as easy as walking became a chore, just like something as easy as making a fire did. When we take away the smallest thing, or add the smallest obstacle, things can get harder or even painful.

I then really got to thinking- isn’t this the same in my faith, in my walk with God. How many times do we allow something small to rob us of peace, or just because something didn’t go exactly how we wanted it to, it becomes a pain to us, instead of truly appreciating the blessing that it is in our life. 2 Peter 1 3-11 talks about how we’re called to live a Godly life and that we need to add things like self-control, knowledge, goodness, perseverance, etc… It then goes on to say make EVERY effort to add these things.

How many times do we take this for granted or simply just forget? We get caught up in work, kids, life, etc. Verse 12 goes on to say to be reminded of these things always, reiterating that it needs to be a constant thing. Just because something doesn’t go our way, or we’re feeling a little pain doesn’t mean we can stop seeking to live a Godly life. I challenge anyone reading this today, when was the last time you really sought to be Godly? Seek today.

Be blessed, be a blessing.


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