I don’t like raisins!

I don’t like raisins! Those were the words uttered out of James’s mouth as we were driving home the other night. This in fact, is far from true. As a matter of fact, raisins are one of his favorite snacks. He was eating his raisins, when he bit into a stem that the company apparently missed. He spit it out and was immediately disgusted. Erin and I both kind of chuckled because we both knew he didn’t really develop a fond disdain for raisins because of one bite. He spit it out, was disgusted for a minute, then, after taking a drink, went straight back to eating the rest of the box.

This got me thinking though. I wondered how many times people, especially in their relationship with God, have had a bitter or nasty taste in their mouth from life? Have you been in a place where you were bitter at God because of one raisin, or one bad moment in your life? James was so focused on that one little raisin and it almost ruined the whole box for him. How many times do we blame God, or miss out on His blessings in our life because we’re caught up in that one moment that didn’t quite go the way we wanted it.

The other aspect of that was James took a drink right away to wash away that nasty taste. How often do we however allow that taste to linger? When we let that bitterness resonate on our tongues, it becomes infectious to our whole body. If we take a drink and wash that nasty taste away right away though, we can focus on the other blessings God has for us. In James’ case, the rest of the raisins.

Jesus said in John 4:10 “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water.” I challenge you to be refreshed and take a drink of the living water, wash away that bitter taste that may have you mad, angry, or bitter towards God. Take a drink of living water today.


Be Blessed. Be a Blessing.


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