Today was haircut day for my son.  That doesn’t consist of going to the barber.  It consists of me trying my best to help his hair look semi-decent.

I stood there with the clippers set at a certain length and ran it through his hair.  Even though they were set at a certain length the hairs still came out different lengths.  Some short, some long.

That always happens when I try to give him a hair cut.  Let’s face it: little boy haircuts are not my strong talent.

As I cut his hair I thought about all the haircuts I had as a child:  The mullet….the ear-length “bob” that was uneven all the way around….the bangs that well, weren’t really bangs but more like 1/4inch hairs poking out of my forehead….

I stood there trying to mold and shape my son’s hair -coming far from perfection.

As parents we do our best to “mold” and “shape” our kids into responsible citizens in life.   Do we not all?

Parenting is not easy.  I see parents all the time trying to “mold” their kids…sometimes to the extreme.  There’s those parents who push and push their kids into sports when their kids clearly have no interest in sports…..there’s parents who push and push their kids into music and the arts when their kids clearly have no interest and love sports instead…

As parents we can worry about things such as manners, if our kids are learning the good in school, are they discerning the bad.

We cannot control everything our children learn.  Even if we are “Helicopter parents” we cannot always be with our children every second of the day.  Our children will be influenced by us, yes, but we virtually cannot mold our children into who WE want them to be.  It isn’t healthy for either party.

No matter how hard we try to mold and shape our children there will always be areas we come up short or areas that sink in and are “long” (as my son’s haircuts).

Isaiah 54:13 says, “All your children will be taught by the LORD, and great will be their peace.”

God knows who are children are and He has plans for what kind of person He wants them to be in society.  As parents our job is to provide them with good role modeling, yes.  But, as parents our job even more is to give our children over to the Lord.  He will teach them and He will mold and shape them.  God has our children whether they are 3 years old or 30 years old.

Blessings, Erin

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