A True Servant

John 12:26 If anyone serves me, he must follow me; and where I am, there will my servant be also. If anyone serves me, the Father will honor him.

There I was, stuck in ICU with my hypoglycemic infant.  I could not nurse him because there was something wrong with my milk that was causing the skin on his face to erode.  He would not take a bottle.  He would not eat, period.  He was getting sicker by the minute.

I sat and racked my brain for an idea to help  my child.  My cell phone was dead so I had no one’s contact information.  The nurses were of no help.  Everyone on the hospital floor basically just wanted to leave him to die of starvation.

My friend Melinda came to mind.  She is the local doula….though I did not use her doula services as with this child I wanted only my husband and I to be in the room during the birth.  I had not really talked to her for about a year as life was taking us various routes.  But I knew she could help.  But, wait, my cell phone was dead and I didn’t know her number….or did I…..oh yes! her number was the easiest to remember!

I dialed Melinda’s number from the hospital phone, infant screaming from hunger in the meantime.  Please answer, please answer!

One ring and a hello on the other end settled my heart.

“Melinda?  I need help.  Can you get my baby to eat?  We are in ICU and he is not doing well.”

Melinda, who has 3 children of her own to take care of says promptly, “Yes, I will be right there.”

She lives 15 minutes away from the hospital.

She must have left immediately because she was at the hospital in about 20 minutes…I was watching the clock like a hawk as my child was miserable!

It was like a bat signal was shown over the city and the super hero was there……da da da daaaa….here comes the DOULA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only did Melinda try to selflessly nurse my child herself, but when that didn’t quite work as well as we wanted, she worked around the nurses (how they didn’t know about this mechanism is beyond me) and within 15 minutes got a supplemental nursing system delivered to my room.  She contacted someone with stored breast milk.  Then she educated me on how to use the nursing system.

She encouraged me.  She prayed with me.  She understood.

She is a true servant.

A half hour later, just as she was leaving, the stored milk arrived.  My infant drank 3 oz of it out of the tiny supplemental nursing tube.  That was the first time he ate in over 3 days.

Melinda was a life saver.

Melinda knows how to serve.  She knows how to put another ahead of herself.

And she did this all out of love…not for money.  Out of love.

Serving as Jesus did……

How can you serve like Jesus did?

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