We serve from deep within the Northern woods where the water is clean, the air is crisp, and sunsets are magnificent.  Where the black bear roam through thick pines, the moose mosey past rushing waterfalls, and the deer walk along high snowbanks under the Northern Lights: Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Our Mission:

The mission of Lights UP North is to make Christ known and to make Christ real.  We strive to share the love of God through encouragement and inspiration in practical and meaningful ways.

We have recently launched an part of our ministry:  BLESSINGS BAGS.  

As of September 12, 2018 we have given a total of 67 Blessings Bags so far.  We would love if you joined us in creating funds for the blessings bags.  Please see below in our support section for how you can help in this matter 🙂

Behind the Name:

Lights– Jesus said, “you are the light of the world.”  It is our belief that God wants people to shine as lights in various parts of the world.  People go out all over the world to be missionaries, typically after God lays on their heart a specific area or region.  God has called us to be lights.

UP– Upper Peninsula (of Michigan).  This is the specific area/region that we believe God has called us to be a light to.

North– When we think of the word North, we think of the word above.  The U.P. is North, or above the famous mighty Mackinac Bridge.  When we think of going above, we think of going also beyond; to go above and beyond is to excel in some things.  2 Corinthians 8:7 says, ” Just as you excel in everything….excel in giving.”   We believe it is important to invest in others- whether it be time, money, or helping out with something.  So the “North” part of the name is us trying to excel  and in a northern location.  In this way, our goal is to let our lights shine brightly, to bless others, and in turn show the U.P. the practical love of Christ through our everyday actions.


Supporting Lights UP North:

Here are a few ways you can invest in the Lights UP North ministry if you choose to:

1) We ALWAYS welcome prayer, especially for our health. 🙂

2) We have a Facebook page and would appreciate if you “like” it as well as invite friends to like it.

3) Sharing any articles we wrote is also welcomed.

4) Lights UP North is set up with Amazon as affiliates.  Some of our articles will contain affiliate links and we let you know this ahead of time.  All that means is if you click on the link and by some chance order from Amazon down the road, Amazon will in the future give us some funds.  No extra money comes out of your pocket to support us this way.  Also, if you click on the Amazon link below to begin any shopping it helps us out greatly as the same concept applies.



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